Profits for Pits
I donate a % of my profits to rescue organizations that advocate for, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for "bully breeds".
Did You Know...

  • The Pit Bull is the #1 most bred dog in America.

  • Only 1 in 600 will ever find a loving home.

  • About 75% of municipal shelters euthanize pit bulls immediately upon intake.

  • Their euthanasia rate is 93%.

  • They are  the #1 dog-fighting breed.  If they aren't killed in the ring, they often suffer excruciating abuse, neglect, abandonment, and eventually death.

​* source: Save-A-Bull Rescue
Reputation Matters: Just Ask a Pit Bull
We can learn a thing or two about branding from Pit Bulls. They are proof that your reputation matters. A few irresponsible individuals, a bad experience and some negative press can literally destroy you. And, once your reputation takes hold, it can take a lot to shake it.     

Did you know the Pit Bull is not even a breed? The term "Pit Bull" is actually an umbrella term/brand name given to breeds that share similar physical characteristics. These traits, along with an intense devotion to their master, unfortunately, make them a popular target for dog fighters, particularly gang members who use them as status symbols. It is the dog, however, not the dog fighter who bears the brunt of the backlash from this illegal "sport". Despite the fact that these loving, loyal breeds can make great family pets, they are banned in many cities, as well as in other smaller communities such as apartments complexes. Insurance providers even deny coverage to those who own them.   

​Convinced it is bad owners, not the breed that is the problem, my husband was willing to support my desire to adopt a "Pit Bull". His name is Buster. Considered a "pocket pit" because of his small, 48lb stature, he is actually part American Staffordshire Terrier, Boston Terrier and "other". So, you could technically call him a mutt, but most would refer to him as a Pit Bull. Because of this, it took his rescuer over a year to find him a loving home. We are fortunate nobody snatched him up sooner but, at the same time, sad because we know he is one of the few who actually ever finds a forever family.  

It is my sweet little "Bussy" who inspires me to help raise awareness of the bully breeds, improve their reputation and do what I can to make sure more of these beautiful animals get the life and love the deserve. As with Pit Bulls, your reputation, while it may not be a complete and accurate depiction of who you are, matters. Once negative press takes hold, it could literally mean the death of you.

Your brand is not what you say it is. It is what others believe it to be based on what they hear, see and experience. Your brand,...your reputation...matters. Just ask a Pit Bull.
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