​​​WHO I AM: ​A Unique Brand Perspective
Unliked most "branders" who come from marketing, my experience is unique. 

I am a:
​Training Facilitator, 
Instructional Designer,
Change Management & Communications Consultant, Culture Analyst &

​So, what do I know about branding?

As a training consultant at one of the world's largest hotel companies, I partnered with brand leaders to develop custom training and HR programs that ensured employees live the brand and deliver on their promises. I taught leaders how to manage and sell the brand, engage their workforce and develop brand-centric cultures. I taught front-line employees about guest expectations and how to deliver a branded experience that would exceed their expectations.

​​​​It was in this role, ​​
Nearly 20 Years Ago,
That I discovered my passion
for branding and
recognized its connection
to culture. 

The branding and culture conversation has gained significant momentum since then, but how companies approach them has not. They are still attempting to manage brand and culture in functional silos. This operational disconnect between HR and Marketing continues to prevent companies from fully optimizing their brand potential.

​Through Outside-In Consulting, I aim to change how leaders think about and approach brand, culture and customer experience by connecting the dots between them.
​​"While we are each unique, we share a fundamental need to belong, feel appreciated and do work that matters" 
​- Me​​
​​ ​On a Personal note: ​​

I love animals, playing tennis, golfing, cycling, hiking and just about anything outdoors. I love singing out loud while driving in my Mini Cooper convertible. I believe attitude is everything and the only thing you have 100% control over.

As a Navy “Brat” who was uprooted often during childhood, I have a knack for assessing and adapting quickly to new situations and am empathetic to the human desire to “fit in”. I am drawn to understanding what makes people tick and believe that while we are each unique, we share a fundamental need to belong, feel appreciated and do work that matters.
I'd love to hear from you
​​​Reach out if you think I can help.